I am a filmmaker based in Brooklyn. You may have seen my work on Comedy Central, Netflix, or the back of an airplane seat. 

I grew up in Northwest Arkansas and moved to NYC for film school. After graduating, my friends and I started a collective called Waverly Films. We made a lot of strange and funny short films, gaining a following in the early days of YouTube. 

My Waverly work led to opportunities in comedy directing. I made music videos, TV pilots, and two Comedy Central specials with Reggie Watts. I collaborated with Kumail Nanjiani on my first feature film, The Last of The Great Romantics.

I make commercials and stuff with Greencard

I'm 95% sure that I made up an urban legend that is now listed on snopes. I could be mistaken, but I have a pretty strong memory of concocting this dumb story in the early 2000s and telling it to my friends. 

In recent years my interest has shifted toward short documentaries and suspense thrillers. In Fall of 2016 I directed Clovehitch, a feature film starring Dylan McDermott. Look for it in 2018.

For fun my wife Liz and I have a YouTube channel,  So You're Dating A Vegan

You can write me at [email protected] 

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