I am a filmmaker based in Brooklyn. My work has been shown on Comedy Central, Netflix, and screens on the back of airplane seats. 

This site is a collection of my personal video projects and photography. To see my commercial work,  go here

I grew up in Arkansas and moved to NYC for film school. After graduating, my friends and I started a collective called Waverly Films. We made a lot of strange and funny short films, gaining a following in the early days of YouTube. 

My Waverly work led to opportunities in comedy directing. I made music videos, TV pilots, and two Comedy Central specials with Reggie Watts.

Today I'm interested in the potential of storytelling to have a positive impact on the world. In 2014 I created a YouTube show called So You're Dating A Vegan, featuring me and my girlfriend Liz. 70 episodes later, we have over 21,000 subscribers and continue to grow. 

In 2015 I made Penelope, a documentary short about a young couple who rescue a chicken from a religious ceremony in Brooklyn. It has over 20,000 shares on facebook and is currently touring film festivals.

Feel free to write me at contact@duncanskiles.org. 

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